What Parents Say

‘My daughter has been going to the lessons for nearly 3 months now and apart from learning, she is really enjoying the lessons, (which I think is extremely important).
She needed a bit of extra help with her maths as the basics were forgotten during the summer, and she was dreading this, but after her first lesson, she is now much more positive and is also much more confident with her maths. ┬áThank you girls!!!!!’

G. Soiza (Nov 2012)

‘My girls have been attending Jump Ahead for just under a year now. They have improved in their school work and are much more confident. The teachers are friendly and are always willing to take my concerns on board. I know that the lessons are individually planned and that their problem areas are targetted. I am glad that they will be attending during summer as I know they will benefit and not become ‘brain dead’ after the long summer months. Very happy with the service, thanks girls!’ (June 2012)

‘My daughter has only been going to Jump Ahead for a couple of months, but already I have had comments from her school teachers about how much more confident she is about her school work. I have enrolled her in their summer programme and will be continuing on in September.’ (June 2012)