Year 3 – Year 7

Key Stage 2 – Math Links

Here is a list of websites that will help you with your Maths skills. Most of them are games, and ALL of them are fun and challenging.

 General Maths Revision

  • BBC bite size: Number

  •  BBC Bite size: Shape, Space and Measures

  •  BBC Bite size: Handling Data

  • Woodlands Junior – this site has LOADS of fun interactive games which are listed according to the different skills. Our favourite is ‘Who wants to be a Mathionaire’ – give it a go!!

  • Maths Mansion – Can you crack these math challenges?

Times Tables Activities/ Revision Games

  • Multiplication quizzes, has 3 difficulty levels, try and work your way up the levels!

  •  This game has two levels, start with level A and then move on to level B

  •  A simple times table test grid. Remember to time yourself and then try and beat your score.

  • Times table mountain challenge…. Can you reach the top? Be careful because one mistake will send you right back to the bottom of the mountain!

  • Can you answer 20 times table questions right in 1 minute?

  • Multiplying monkeys- a really visual way of learning your times tables.

Mental Maths Games

  • Your Numbers Up. This is a 4 player ‘game show’ but you can play with just two players if you ignore the last two players, this means you can test your skills against friends, siblings or maybe even an adult!

  •  Word problem mental math practice, it’s hard but it’s well worth the effort!

  •  Mental math online test papers (Yr 6 SATS revision)

  •  This one is really tricky, but if you fancy a challenge…

  •   Mental math test with answer sheets available. You will need someone to read the questions to you. The instructions are on the page. You could also invent your own test by changing the numbers. Give it a go! J

 These are just a few to get you started – there are LOADS of fun mathematical games online, if you happen to stumble across a really good one be sure to share it with us at Jump Ahead! :)

 **Please note we did not create and do not own any of the material on these sites **