Reception – Year 3

This website is jam-packed with activities including interactive games and stories that will enhance your child’s learning experience. It focuses on mainly Numeracy (Maths) and Literacy (English) and also includes a section on printable worksheets for children from the ages 3-7.

Another excellent site for  educational children’s games is, again it covers both Numeracy & literacy. (This one is especially good for younger children (aged 3-5).

This site has a huge range of activities, we especially like ‘Math Lines 10′ – It’s all about matching pairs of numbers to make the number bonds to ten. There are loads of other activities to try out with varying levels of difficulty, be sure to share your favourites with us :)

Games, clips and activities for Key Stage 1 children.
Useful website to help parents enhance children’s learning in all subject areas (parents may need to subscribe to this website in order to open activities).
Numeracy activities and interactive tests for all ages
This website will reinforce children’s learning at all ages. Visit the Maths Zone for addition, subtraction and all your child’s numeracy needs and the Literacy Zone for everything from Spellings to Grammar and Punctuation
You need to sign up to this website in order to use the activities, but they are excellent and cover a wide range of concepts .