September 2017 Quick Enrolment Form

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Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are now taking bookings for our term time sessions. Please note that ALL pupils, existing and new will need to register their interest in order to attend our term time sessions. Places are not reserved from one academic year to the next. Sessions are for children in Reception – Year 7 and will be hosted on Tuesdays & Thursdays this year.

Our term time sessions begin on Tuesday 5th September (from 1.30pm-3.30pm) and then resume at the normal time of 4pm-6pm as from Tuesday 12th September. Fees are one hour £10, two hours £18. Please note fees must be paid at the beginning of each month, make up sessions are available but the full month must be paid irrespective of attendance.

Please email, text 54021144 with the following information, or return the slip below at your earliest convenience. Please note that spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


Child’s Name:_____________________________________________

Year Group (In Sept 2017):___________________

Session: (Circle as appropriate)            Tues / Thurs               1st hour / 2nd  hour / 2 hours

Emergency contact number/s:_________________________________________________ Relation to child:________________

Email contact (for fee letters and communication): ______________________________________________________________

Medical / other information: _____________________________________________________________________________

Educational Information (Does your child attend an LSF, work with an LSA, been referred to OT or SLT, are they withdrawn for support, work with BEST, have a SEN diagnosis? Please include any other information which my help us maximise the effectiveness of the session.)