JAG Summer Programme 2015

JAG Summer 2015

  • Start date: Monday 13th July 2015
  • Days offered: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
  • Subjects: Maths, English, Arts & Crafts. (Please note that children Year 3 and under must do Arts & Crafts as their second subject).
  • Group size: Group sizes are limited to 6 children (5 for the nursery group on Friday).
  • Fees: £17 (two hours) £10 (one hour) . Our summer fee letter can be found here:
  • Duration of programme: 7 weeks.
  • Payment for the summer programme will be due the week of 20/07/15
  • If you are away on holiday for one of the sessions your child can ‘make up’ during another session that summer.
  • Download our registration form here: