May 2013 Fees

                                       Monday 25th April 2013

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

RE: May Fees

Thank you for your continued support of Jump Ahead. We have a few notices to share:

  • Fees for May are due on the week beginning Monday 29th April.
  • Please be advised that Jump Ahead lessons begin at 4.15pm and that the classrooms are open to children as from 4.00pm. It is not always possible for us to arrive earlier due to work commitments and our insurance will not cover us if there is no adult supervision.
  • Please ensure that your child does not ‘buzz’ the above flats andenter when there are no teachers present as we will not be held responsible should any accident occur. Thank you for understanding.
  • There will be no Jump Ahead session on Wednesday 1st May, due to the Bank Holiday.
  • There will be no Jump Ahead session on Thursday 9th May, as it is Ascension Thursday.
  • Places for our JAG Summer Programme are filling up fast, please book early to      avoid disappointment.
  • Please be sure to check out our website for the latest fee letters and up to date information.


Day Dates   in May Total
Tuesdays   (4) 07.05.13, 14.05.13, 21.05.13,   28.05.13


Wednesdays   (4) (01.05.13)*   08.05.13, 15.05.13, 22.05.12, 29.05.13


Thursday   (4) 02.05.13, (09.05.13)* 16.05.13, 23.05.13, 30.05.13


* (01.05.13)* and (09.05.13)* = NO SESSION.


Should your child be unable to attend a Jump Ahead session please inform Chantal Canepa (54006253) by text, phone call or email ( in advance. Should your child miss a session they will have the opportunity to ‘make-up’ the session during another of the sessions of that same week or the week after. However, please note that the full month must be paid in order to reserve your child’s place. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us on: Thank you for your continued support,

The Jump Ahead Team